Farmers Market

Farmers markets bring community members together to purchase locally made and grown food, crafts and other products. The purpose of the USU campus market is to offer these benefits to students while also benefitting the local community.

This fall, the USU Farmer's Market will be held every Wednesday from 10am – 3pm at the fountain on the south side of the Taggart Student Center.  The Market kicks off the first week in September and wraps up mid-October.

The USU Farmers Market was launched in 2017 with support from the Student Sustainabiltiy grant program. The fall market features live local musicians in addition to local businesses and student organizations. One of the student benefits is  the 'double your bucks' program that allows students to double their money in dollar increments up to $6.00. The tokens may only be used in the market towards produce and select food  items.

Holiday Farmer's Market 

The USU Holiday Farmers Market will be held in November and feature local artisans and alternate gift opportunities.

The Holiday Farmer's Market will be held at the International and Sunburst Lounges in the TSC from 10am to 3pm. Come stop by and shop locally, or contribute a gift to sustainable causes.

How Supporting Your Farmers Market Builds Sustainable Community


When you buy local, you help create local jobs for your friends and neighbors, cut down on energy and resources needed for shipping, and improve public infrastructure. Your local farmer retains up to 7x more profit selling locally. Nearly every penny of that stays with the local economy. 


Reducing distance food travels cuts down on fossil fuel consumption, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Whether you enjoy Logan’s profound beauty, natural resources, or simply the taste of a fresh picked tomato, you win by buying at the campus market


People thrive and are naturally happier when socially connected. Farmers markets support emotional health by creating a cheerful space where people come together for laughter, fellowship, food, and fun.