True Blue Reuse

True Blue Reuse Store is a USU thrift store ran through the Student Sustainability Office. Make donations in the store for store credit, or donate at the end of the school year. Great stuff. Great prices. Great cause.

Why It's Important

The on-campus thrift store is important in many ways. True Blue Reuse:

  1. Diverts items from the landfill by collecting donations from students during move-out.
  2. Prevents resource consumption by selling donated items to students.
  3. Raises funds to support sustainability efforts

How Do I Get Involved?

  • Donate clean, reusable, functional items to True Blue Reuse Sale!
  • Volunteer.
  • Shop.
  • Contactfor additional information.


Donate to True Blue Reuse
Donate to True Blue Reuse to help us continue to serve the USU campus community.

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