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Learn why SI is valuable in the classroom

Why should my class have SI?

SI is a nationally recognized program meant to provide students in breadth education courses peer-to-peer, academic support to persist to graduation. SI leaders are trained undergraduates who teach core competencies within the framework of the course. Typically, SI leaders have taken and received a high grade in the course they assist in. SI leaders help students succeed by focusing on inquiry-based learning, communication skills, study strategies and executive function processes.

Roles of SI leaders

SI leaders DO SI leaders DON'T
Pair study strategies with content review Solely review content
Help student in exam preperation Provide individual feedback on exams, quizzes, or assignments
Broker students to on campus resources Provide 1-on-1 tutoring
Work with students to find answers to questions Grade assignments
Create small training and student support projects (ex. how to conduct research in library)  

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Faculty Partners

SI Leaders-Hayden Johns, Justin Murray

SI Leaders-Cameron Steere

SI Leaders-Mitchel Stott, Miriam Black

SI Leaders-Tanner Maerz

SI Leaders-Jayne Jones

SI Leaders-Alex Hill, Spencer Fairbanks

SI Leaders-Rachel Archibald, Samantha Helzer

SI Leaders-Coming Soon

SI Leaders-Mason Hovinga, Justus Rammell, Benjamin Seamons

SI Leaders-Coming Soon

SI Leaders-Rebecca Patty, Ingrid MacMurray

SI Leaders-Gloria Sullivan

SI Leaders-George Miller, Hana Walker

SI Leaders-Tanner Maerz

SI Leaders-Shae Pond, Ethan Dayley

SI Leaders-Seth Dunn

SI Leaders-Karissa Benson, Madison Harris, Quinn Mallory

SI Leaders-Coming Soon