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Saturday Morning Nature Walk

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The Art and Science of Arachnids

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USU Women's Basketball vs BYU

Lady Aggies take on in-state rivals BYU.


Swaner's Craft Sunday

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For Freedoms: Fifty States Exhibit

Since 2016, For Freedoms has produced exhibitions, town…

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Surplus FAQ

How often do you have the public bid sale?  We currently are selling most items without bidding. On occasion we may have a special bid on a particular item.

Why do you have a government sale first? Since all of our inventory is from Utah State Unversity departments, we are required to offer all items to government agencies first. After the government screening time of two weeks is over the item is available to the public.

What happens to bid items that do not sell? Bid items that do not sell during the bid sale are offered as a "cash and carry" item in between the sale for the minimum bid. If they still do not sale we will usually mark it down and send it through the next bid sale. We do not barter or negotiate during the current sale because if the price is lowered everyone should have a chance at the lower price.

What happens to "cash and carry" items that don't sell?  Cash and carry items are available to the public (after the two week government hold) until either the item is sold or scrapped out.

Can I reserve an item before it is available for sale?  As far as the "cash and carry" items go, we work on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to get here early for the best selection. Anyone can place a bid for any bid item at any time during the sale. We do not accept bids prior to the bid sale, because we will set and reset the prices on a bid item right before the sale and we want to be fair to everyone. We will look through the bids at the end and determine the winner.

Can I bring the item back if I decide I don't want it or it does not meet my expectations? We do not refund items purchased. Keep in mind that you are buying a used item without warranty. We try to do our best to present the items as they are, but there is a certain amount of risk involved. We urge you to inspect the item closely and be prepared to make needed repairs if it be the case.

Can I get on a bidder list? How do I find out about the next bid sale? We do not keep a bidder list other than for local government units. The cost of sending out a bid notice listing all the items for sale is somewhat prohibitive. We do, however, send a notice in the campus mail and advertise in the local papers prior and during each public bid sale.

What if I need a particular item, can you get it for me? We have no control over what items come in for sale. It is up to the individual departments to send their items in for surplus. We do not generally know ahead of time what is going to be for sale.