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The Beginnings of a Sustainable USU

Talk about creating a sustainable USU has existed for quite a while, but official recognition of reducing our environmental impact began in the 1990's. From creating a sustainability plan in 2007 to implementing Blue Goes Green student fees in 2011, Utah State University has shown it's commitment to caring for the planet and becoming a leader in sustainable campus initiatives.

The Recent History 

Sustainability initiatives such as student curriculum, greenhouse gas reduction, and food waste collection are amongst the leading initiatives USU Sustainability is working toward. With recognitions such as Bike Friendly Campus Gold, STARS Silver, USU's role in environmental stewardship increases every year.

Sustainable Living

Obtaining carbon neutrality and engaging the public on sustainability issues are big jobs, but it's because of the small acts of fellow Aggies that keep everything going. Because it can be hard to find out where to begin, we've put togther a few resources to help you find out where you belong in USU Sustainability.

Composting and Recycling

Starting a compost bin takes a bit of work, but luckily with USU, you can drop off your compostable items in the painted wood bins next to the BNR ot TSC patio, you can't miss it!


If you're a student and you see something on campus that can be a lot more eco-friendly, head over to the SSO and get help writing a grant to make it happen. 

Read Our Green Living Guide

Our Green Living Guide gives you all the information you need to become a more sustainable Aggie and to make a difference on campus.

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Sustainability Resources, All in One Spot

Sustainable thinking has been around at Utah State for a long time. Head over to our historical documents to see where we started or check out what we're doing now.