What We Do

Bringing Sustainability to Utah State

With the combined power of the Student Sustainability Office, Sustainability Corps, and Sustainability Council, Utah State University is rich in sustainability events, projects, and campus improvement initiatives.

2020 corps

Student Engagement

Aggies are known for their high levels of engagement on campus and in their community. USU Sustainability is one of  many ways on campus to get involved and make a difference. From Earth Day to RecycleMania, Energy Wars to Aggie Sustainability Club, Utah State students can find their niche and become a part of something bigger.

Sustainability in Academics

Did you know that USU offers courses that focus specifically on sustainability issues? Over 6,400 students take classes that are focused or related to sustainability topics. Faculty and staff also have the opportunity to take a Planetary Thinking Workshop to learn how to implement environmental sustainability into their curriculum. At the end of their time at Utah State, graduating Aggies can have the choice to take the Sustainability Pledge to use their education and career for the benefit of society and the environment.

Active Work Groups

Creating a sustainable environment at a university is no small task. To make sure that the many facets of sustainability are attended to, active Working Groups that make up the Sustainability Council strive to make campus a cleaner, healthier, and more efficient campus. Below are the current active working groups.