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EcoHouse is a newly emerging theme housing option in the Living Learning Community (LLC). It is a part of the Residential Service and Sustainability Institute, which receives some of its funding from the USU 'Blue Goes Green Grant' program. EcoHouse is a student-driven initiative aimed at promoting sustainable living practices, first in the LLC, and then in other on-campus housing areas. This themed housing learning endeavor will provide training and resources to help students improve their peers and their own sustainable living habits.

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"EcoHouse is a great environment and community of students who care about the planet. I loved being able to educate resident’s about everything they do and the impact it has."

Former EcoHouse Resident Assistant, Jacob Barney

"Recycling services were awesome and easily accessible, and I learned a lot about my impact on the environment."

Brooke Francis

"The Ecohouse has allowed me to incorporate something I’m passionate about, into the roof over my head. I am so glad I took advantage of an opportunity that ensures my carbon footprint on campus is light, to consider the safety of our future Aggie generations."

Zoey Marty