Energy Wars

Every fall on USU campus, residential halls and academic buildings participate in Energy Wars, a campaign aimed to reduce energy usage. This year, the event will be running from October 4th through October 29th. During this period, students and faculty are highly encouraged to participate in reducing their energy consumption. Students and faculty can reduce their energy through many ways, such as being mindful of the thermostat, turning off lights when not in use, and using water wisely. At the end of the month, energy usage will be assessed and the building to use the least energy will win the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved in Energy Wars?

There are a lot of ways to participate in Energy Wars:

  • Take part in our Energy Wars events each fall!
  • Reduce your energy use! You can reduce your energy use by doing the following:
    • Take cold showers
    • Use natural light
    • Switch to LED light bulbs
    • Use the stairs versus the elevator
    • Air dry linens
    • Use smart power strips
    • Dress for the weather and adjust the thermostat.
    • Check for drafts or leaks and report them to facilities customer service.
    • Avoid mini fridges and buy energy efficient appliances such as Energy STAR or EPEAT certified products. 
    • Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your hands
    • Wash laundry with cold water in full loads
  • Talk to your friends and roommates about ways you reduce energy consumption, or post on social media.
  • Everyone can add something unique to their resume by contacting the Conservation Event Intern to plan an event. If you live on campus, talk to your RA about planning an energy-themed program.

How Do You Decide Which Building Wins?

Since each building is unique with different numbers of students and different amenities, each hall will compete against its average energy consumption baseline. Academic buildings win by reducing their energy consumption as a percentage of a baseline of average use. Housing used to use energy readings but switched to a point-based system rewarding conservation activities in 2018. 

Which buildings are competing this year?

Energy Wars started in Housing around 2010. Starting in 2016, academic buildings entered the competition. This year, Housing is participating in an educational campaign with individual prizes. Academic buildings will compete with the same baseline. The prize will be awarded in a plan coordinated with the winning building.


 Academic Buildings

  • 2021: College of Agriculture
  • 2020: Ray B. West
  • 2019: Engineering
  • 2018: Education
  • 2017: Natural Resources
  • 2016: Old Main

 Residential Buildings

  • 2021: West Campus & Central Suites
  • 2020: Energy Wars was an educational campaign in campus housing due to COVID-19.
  • 2019: Mountain View Tower, West Campus, Blue Square, SLC, and South Campus
  • 2018: Living Learning Community
  • 2017: Living Learning Community
  • 2016: Living Learning Community
  • 2015: Student Living Center
  • 2014: Living Learning Community
  • 2013: South Campus