USU Green Lab Program

Creating a More Sustainable Campus, One Lab at a Time.

What Is the Green Lab Program?

The Green Lab Program is an initiative to develop more sustainable practices in USU laboratories. The program involves collaboration between the Green Office/Green Lab coordinator and the lab's Green Team to make changes by completing the certification process. Throughout the certification, areas that need improvement as well as areas where the labs are succeeding are brought to light. From there, the lab's green team and coordinator set goals of how to improve further.

How Does My Lab Become Certified?

Contact the Green Lab Program with your intentions to have your lab certified by registering and filling out the pre-assessment form at the bottom of the page. Once you've done this, create a Green Team of two or more people.

Levels of Certification

Each lab is capable of being recognized as a Green Lab Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum office as a result of their efforts. Points will be awarded for each action that is completed.

Certification Level Percent Completed
Certified 50% earned of total points
Silver 65%
Gold 80%
Platinum 95%

What Is a Green Team?

A Green Team is a group of dedicated individuals who are motivated to make USU more sustainable. They will work together with the Green Office/Lab coordinator to complete the Green Office/Lab certification process and set goals for further improvement. The Green Teams will also be able to correspond with other office and departments' teams as a campus resource.

Tips for Creating a Green Team

Benefits of Being Green Lab Certified

  • Be recognized as a campus champion of sustainability
  • Learn skills to be an effective communicator of sustainable practices in your lab.

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