USU Faculty Resources

First Name Last Name Email Department Resource
David Anderson  LAEP Guest Lecture: Water-wise landscaping (30-40min)
Guest Lecture:  Incorporating sustainable practices into landscaping (30 min)
Student Project/Volunteer Opportunity: Development of a water-wise demonstration garden at the LAEP House
Tour: USU Botanical Center in Kaysville, including the Utah House, Wetland Discovery Point (LEED Platinum), and other sustainable features (40 min)
Tal Avgar  Wildland Resources  Faculty Consultation: Climate change 
Michelle Baker  Biology Student Project/Volunteer Opportunity: Water sustainability project - iUTAH EPSCoR
Guest Lecture: Water sustainability project - iUTAH EPSCoR
Sara Bakker  Music Guest Lecture: Sustainability in music consumption habits  (30 min)
Integrating sustainability into humanities courses 
Briana Bowen  Center for Anticipatory Intelligence  Guest Lecture: Climate Change as a Threat Multiplier – understanding the compounding effects of climate change on existing and accelerating global security challenges ranging from food insecurity to terrorism.  (30 min)
Anna Cohen  Anthropology Guest Lecture: Cultural heritage, sustainability and archaeology, Bear River Massacre, Bears Ears 
Robert Davies  Physics Video Resource: Disruption (or Defining Radical in the Age of Humans) (40 min)
Ryan Dupont  Civil & Environmental Engineering  Guest Lecture: Food waste management and reduction (Flexible)
Faculty Consultation: Food waste management and reduction (Flexible)
Faculty Consultation: Incorporating sustainability into the curriculum 
Faculty Consultation: On-campus material use and reduction 
John Ferguson  Management Faculty Consultation: Including sustainability through in class activities 
Antje Graul  Marketing Guest Lecture: Sustainability marketing (Flexible)
Guest Lecture: Sharing economy (Flexible)
Guest Lecture: Sustainable transportation: car sharing, adoption of electric vehicles, electric roadways (Flexible)
Faculty Consultation: Sustainability for businesses/ marketing
Tour: College of Agriculture LEED building 
Kerry Jordan  Psychology Guest Lecture/Faculty Advising: Environmental psychology 
Successful Student Project: The Value of Clean Air: Comparing Discounting of Delayed Air Quality and Money Across Magnitudes 
Tour: Environmental psychology lab 
Sarah Klain  Environment & Society  Guest Lecture: Overview of Renewable Energy  (30 min)
Guest Lecture: Top 100 Solutions to Climate Change based on Project Drawdown (45 min)
Faculty Consultation: Climate justice 
Faculty Consultation: Renewable energy 
Faculty Consultation: Cimate policy 
Student Project/Volunteer Project: Students from my past Environmental Policy classes have identified some important barriers and facilitators to expanding on-campus composting, installing dark-sky certified outdoor lights, reducing plastic bag use on campus, installing more efficient sprinklers, and reducing plastic waste from on-campus dining facilities. 
Alexi Lamm  Facilities  Guest Lecture: Sustainability programs on the USU campus 
Blair Larson  Geosciences Faculty Consultation: Climate and sustainability 
Emily Malik  City of Logan  Tour: Logan Landfill 
Tour: Logan Waste Water Treatment 
Tour: Logan Wetlands 
Guest Lecture: Logan City energy 
Guest Lecture: Logan City Waste Management/Recycling 
Guest Lecture: Community Bridges Initiative 
Roslynn McCann  Environment & Society  Guest Lecture: Sustainability communications IVC from Moab
Guest Lecture: Community Based Social Marketing IVC from Moab 
Holly Murdock  Interior Design  Guest Lecture: Sustainability in the Built Environment: LEED and WELL Building Certification Systems, or how our buildings impact the health of our bodies and the environment. (30 min)
Jennifer Nielson  ASTE  Guest Lecture: Sustainability in fashion (15-30 min)
Faculty Consultation: Sustainability in fashion 
Faculty Consultation: Sustainability in textiles 
Faculty Consultation: Sustainability in textile and clothing production 
Reid Olsen  Facilities  Tour: USU Central Energy Plant 
Katie Potter  Geosciences Guest Lecture: Mineral and hydrocarbon resource sustainability and implications for energy. Option for web availability (15-30 min)
Faculty Consultation: Energy, mineral resource sustainability. Option for web availability 
Student Project/Volunteer Opportunity: Energy budget calculations: solar panels, electric vehicles, coal and natural gas, etc. Option for web availability 
Larry  Rupp  Agriculture & Applied Sciences  Guest Lecture: Propagation, production, and use of native plants for water conserving landscapes. 
Tour: USU Greenville Farm 
Tour: USU Botanical Center 
Nate Schwartz  Facilities  Tour: USU Recycling Center 
Patrick Singleton  Civil & Environmental Engineering  Guest Lecture: Sustainable transportation, walking and bicycling 
Edwin Stafford  Marketing Guest Lecture: Wind Uprising – 30 minute film screening and follow-up Q&A about the four-year struggle to establish the Spanish Fork Wind Power Project 
Guest Lecture: Scaling Wind – 30 minute film screening and follow-up Q&A about how America can procure 20 percent of its electricity from wind power via smart energy policy (state-level Renewable Energy Standards and Federal Production Tax Credit) and transmission development. 
Guest Lecture:Making Green More Macho – 20 minute presentation on framing green/social messages to appeal to men; provides a framework for aligning core values of target audiences to green/sustainability issues 
Guest Lecture: Avoiding Green Marketing Myopia – 25 minute presentation on why green marketing often fails and how to position green along six sought-after consumer benefits for better mainstream appeal; provides a framework on how to align green with mainstream consumer values 
Guest Lecture: My mom idles less than your mom! Lessons from a High School Clean Air Poster Contest – 25 minute presentation on the outcomes/lessons learned from engaging high school students to develop outreach materials for promoting clean air 
Guest Lecture: Don’t count out alternative vehicles just yet – 20 minute presentation on the principles of the diffusion of innovation in the contest of electric vehicles; provides a framework for how to position products to appeal to likely “first adopters” and overcome diffusion barriers 
Guest Lecture: Sustainable Entrepreneurship – 30 minute presentation on two case studies, Utah wind power development and Greenpeace’s “Greenfreeze” technology, and how entrepreneurs engage the business, policy, and community/non-profit sectors to overcome barriers facing the diffusion of clean technology; provides a framework for crafting marketing and product launch strategies for environmentally-preferable products 
Denise Stewardson  NDFS Guest Lecture: Food waste, food literacy (in general), hunger--domestic and global, food production--meet the American and global farmer 
Robert Ward  Agriculture & Applied Sciences  Guest Lecture: Linking food quality to agricultural origins of ingredients