Resident Life Resources

Climate Intro

Everyone has their own talents, and we need all of them to address climate change. If you're specialty isn't climate science, these are the resources you need. We picked a few trustworthy sources with information even non-scientists can understand.

Program Ideas

So many ideas have already been put together for sustainability programs that most the work is done! We've linked some great resources for designing sustainability programs and events for topics ranging from food to energy.

Useful USU Contacts:

If these resources have been helpful, or if you would like to contribute something new, let us know! Send success stories and photos.


Online calculators can be a fun way to look at the parts of our lives that can be difficult to measure. How much carbon does your lifestyle emit? How many gallons of water does your pet use? How many slaves do you have? How many planets would your lifestyle require if everyone lived it? We have a calculator for you.

Other great visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words (maybe more). Here are some resources to show concepts that are too big to imagine. The Great Pacific Gyre may be the size of Texas or as big as Russia. What does that look like? We have resources.