Flip (Formerly FlipGrid)

Flip is a video discussion platform that makes teaching and learning more personal, fun, and engaging. This page goes over how to set up Flip in Canvas and how to create a Flip assignment.

Tip: Don't add Flip to your Canvas course menu. Have students access it directly through the associated assignment. Otherwise, you won't see all student submissions in the SpeedGrader.

For troubleshooting or more information see Canvas LTI FAQs.

Setting Up in Canvas

To add the Flip app to multiple Canvas courses, you will have to add it individually to each course.

If you haven't already, create a Flip user account:

  1. Go to https://www.flip.com
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Click Sign Up with Microsoft then login using your A#@aggies.usu.edu email address and strong password

Log in to the Flip website and find your consumer key and shared secret

Keep this information on-hand, because you will need it for a future step.

Flip consumer key and shared secret example


In a new tab, go to your Canvas course and click Settings

Settings tab


Navigate to the Apps tab

arrow pointing at apps tab


Scroll down and select Flip

You may also search "flip" in the search box and select it from there.

arrow pointing at Flip app


Click + Add App

arrow pointing at Flip + app button


Copy and paste the consumer key and shared secret from Step 1


Click Add App

Canvas Assignment that uses Flip

You must create a new assignment for integration to work. The integration won't work if you simply change the settings for an existing assignment.


Navigate to Assignments then click + Assignment

arrow pointing at + Assignment button


Scroll to "Submission Type" and select External tool in the drop-down

submission type with External Tool option highlighted


Click Find under "Enter or find an External Tool URL"


Select FlipGrid, then click Select

Configure External Tool pop-up with Flip highlighted

Optional: To have Flip open in a new tab, check the box next to "Load This Tool In A New Tab."

Canvas assignment submission type external tool with tool option to load in a new tab highlighted


Enter the rest of the assignment details and options


Click Save and publish at the bottom of the page