Using Turnitin Outside of Canvas (Quick Submit Feature)

Turnitin’s Quick Submit feature allows instructors to submit papers and receive Similarity Reports on an ad hoc basis. This is ideal for instructors who do not require students to submit assignments to Turnitin, but want to generate similarity reports for specific papers.

Note: Quick Submit should not be used if the instructor wants to have students submit their own papers or plans on using Turnitin's PeerMark and GradeMark features.

Activating Quick Submit

If not already activated, you will need to activate Quick Submit in your settings.


Sign into external link icon

If you do not have a Turnitin account, please contact Neal Legler at or (435) 797-1903.

turnitin sign in page


Click User Info in the navigation at the top of the page

arrow pointing at user info


Find where it says Activate Quick Submit and select Yes in the dropdown menu

Turnitin activate quick submit section highlighted


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit

Arrow pointing at submit button


The Quick Submit tab will now be available

arrow pointing at quick submit tab

Using the Quick Submit feature to Submit a Student Paper


Sign into external link icon

If necessary, select your institution from the dropdown menu.


Click User Info in the navigation at the top of the page, then select the Quick Submit tab

Arrows pointing at User Info tab and Quick Submit tab


Click Submit

arrow pointing at submit button


Select the databases that the submitted paper(s) will be checked against

The available sources are:

  • Search the internet: Includes the current content of relevant internet sources, and also contains content no longer available on the live internet that we have stored in our proprietary database.

  • Search student papers: Includes papers submitted to Turnitin. This database contains millions of documents.

  • Search periodicals, journals, & publications: Includes content contained within licensed commercial databases; includes many popular periodicals, publications, and academic journals.

Then, select the repository that you would like to submit the paper. A description of each option can be found by hovering over the blue question mark.


Click Submit


Select the Upload Type by clicking on the small down arrow that is found after the words that follow "Submit:"

arrow pointing at the dropdown button


Continue by entering in the student's first and last name and giving the submission a title


Choose your file(s) and click Upload


Review the uploaded file and click Confirm

You will then receive a digital receipt

document highlighted and arrow pointing at confirm button


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Go to assignment inbox

arrow pointing at Go to assignment inbox button


Analyze the document's similarity report

How to interpret similarity reports