Using an HP Touch Monitor in the Classroom

HP Touch Monitors are an interactive display that allows one to interact with a classroom computer using their fingers. It also provides basic annotation capabilities.

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The Basics

The HP Touch Monitor is a great, basic interactive display. It allows for easy interaction with the computer and the ability to do some basic annotations with your finger or the included stylus.

The stylus can be found on the back of the lower-left corner of the monitor.

Picture showing location of stylus on the HP Touch Monitor.


Use the HP Touch Monitor to annotate in several different applications by using the included stylus or a finger. While annotating, do not rest your palm on the display as the monitor does not incorporate palm rejection technology.

Learn how to use the Surface Studio to annotate on the following:

Blank / Virtual Whiteboard

Microsoft OneNote is the recommended annotation software when in need of a blank canvas. It provides a simple notebook design while providing a wealth of features. OneNote can be synced up with your Office365 account.

To annotate in OneNote:

  1. Open OneNote.
  2. Select the "Draw" tab alongside the top ribbon.
  3. Select the desired pen color and width.
  4. Start annotating using either the included stylus or a finger.

Microsoft PowerPoint

To annotate in PowerPoint:

  1. Start the PowerPoint. Once started, a toolbar will appear on the screen. The toolbar can be moved anywhere on the screen.
  2. Select the pen icon on the toolbar.
  3. Start annotating with the included stylus or a finger.

After Class

Before leaving the classroom, please return the included stylus back to the lower-left corner of the monitor and log out of your account. This will help ensure the stylus can be easily found for the next event that may need it in the room.