Assessments Settings Overview

Atomic Assessments has more settings options for both questions and the overall assessment than Canvas quizzes. This allows instructors more customization, but also may require more time to ensure settings are correct.

This tutorial reviews commonly used assessment settings as well as our recommended Atomic Assessment settings. For more settings in Atomic Assessments visit Question Settings Overview

Gradebook Entry — Scoring

In the Settings tab of an assessment, the check-box Create gradebook entry controls whether there is an associated gradebook column created in Canvas for the assessment. 

This setting is only temporarily available and cannot be changed after the assessment is saved.

Gradebook Entry edit quiz

Auto Submit Score to Gradebook

The "Auto submit score to gradebook should only be checked if the assessment is a graded assignment, quiz, or exam with the "Create gradebook entry" checked AND the assessment contains only automatically graded items. If you are using question types that require manual grading (i.e. essay, drawing, file upload, etc.), leave this unchecked.

Manually Graded Assignments

If you have question types that require manual grading (i.e. essay, drawing, file upload, etc.), we recommend that you uncheck the following:

show summary; allow student review

Show Summary: By leaving this option unchecked, your students won't see the exam summary when they are finished. This will prevent confusing the students with an incomplete and inaccurate summary due to questions that have not yet been manually graded.

Allow Student Review: By leaving this option unchecked, the student won't see their responses for the exam questions.

Note: This option may be beneficial for reflection purposes so that the student can view their previous submission answers.

When both of these options are unchecked, when your students return to review the assignment from the gradebook, the screen will appear with "Looks like you are out of attempts."

looks like you are out of attempts

Student Accommodations

To set time extensions or extra attempts for one or several students, find the Assign section in the assessment Settings tab.

In this section, set the general number of allowed attempts, availability date, and time limit.

Student Accomodations assign section

To add accommodations for one or more students, select Add Override.

Student Accommodations add override

Add the alternate settings and select Save.

More Options

Under the main listed settings, More Options includes additional settings for the appearance of the assessment, scoring, questions, feedback timing visibility, item (question bank) selection, and student access restrictions.

Atomic Assessments more options

For help setting up a Logan Testing Center or proctored exam in Atomic Assessments, see our Proctored Testing tutorial.

Add New Default Settings

Assessments are created with some automatic settings enabled. If you would like these default settings to be different when a new assessment is created, open the Settings tab of your assessment and change all settings to your preferences.

Atomic Assessments default settings

Then, select the Load Presets dropdown.

Default settings load presets

If you would like to save your configured settings as an option for future quizzes, select Save new preset. If you would like your configured settings to apply automatically to new assessments going forward, select Set default.

Both options will provide several customizable settings.

Default settings save load preset

Once your preset is created, remember to select Save in the current assessment.


For more specific help in Atomic Assessments, contact us.

Also see: University of Wisconsin’s documentation External Link Icon .

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