Transfer an Existing Canvas Quiz to Atomic Assessments

This tutorial is for instructors who would like to import a QTI file or use an existing Canvas quiz in Atomic Assessments.


From the Atomic Assessments page, find and select the 3 dots on the right-hand side of your screen

arrow pointing at 3 dots icon


Then, select Add Activities

arrow pointing at "add activities" option in dropdown


If you would like to import an existing Canvas quiz, select the Canvas Quizzes tab

Your Canvas quizzes may take a moment to load

Select canvas quizzes tab

(If you would like to upload a QTI .zip file, do so in the Upload tab.)


Select the quiz or quizzes and then select Import

The import process may take a few minutes.

Select import


If the quiz has been imported successfully, select Close

arrow pointing at close in correct import window


To find your imported quiz, select New Assignment

Choose new assignment


Select Start from an existing activity

arrow pointing at start from an existing activity option


Select your imported quiz

Select your imported quiz


Review your quiz carefully to ensure it has transferred correctly 

Ensure that your assignment and question settings are correct. Some questions or items may need to be edited for the Atomic Assessments format. Preview the quiz by selecting the eye icon in the top right of the editor.

Select the eye icon

Note: Atomic Assessments may generate a string of numbers and letters for item titles in the editor. This is not visible to students, but can be changed for easier at-a-glance editing by selecting the item and adding a title.

Double check the settings

Remember to click Save

Import Errors

If you encounter the notice “There were issues importing your quizzes,” your quiz may include an unusual element, such as a file, that Atomic Assessments could not import.

In order to import the quiz successfully, some elements may need to be removed from the Canvas quiz and built manually within the Atomic Assessments engine. If you are encountering this issue, feel free to contact us for troubleshooting.


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