USU Template Guide

Page Layouts

View ready-made page layouts and learn about common use cases for each.

Page Elements

Learn how to use some of the premade elements to organize your content.

A Living Guide

This guide is constantly in development based on the changing needs of university websites. It serves as a great starting point for how the general styles from the USU template should be used. Please bear with us as we make this document to better serve your needs.

Here to Help

From organizing your content to implementing everything the USU template has to offer, USU has the resources to make your website look and function the best it can.

Ben Renard-Wiart

Director of Web Strategy
University Marketing and Communications

Ben and his team manage the USU template along with overall web strategy. If you need help with how to organize your content, determine if a design or layout meets the USU template standards, or other questions about template functionality.

Julie Duersch

Manager of Websites & Design
Information Technology

Julie and her team support the university CMS: OU Campus and its users. They can help with OU Campus related items including setup, implementation, user testing, and training and more.