Aggie Heroes

Each of us has our own story, a narrative that is deeply relevant to who we are. Our Aggies shared their own. Whether their stories sound familiar to yours or challenge the way you think, they are definitely worth listing to. These are the stories of Aggie Heroes: stories that unite us.

Speaker Biographies

Becca Johnson

Becca is a mother, an artist, and a non-traditional student. She is mother to John Jr., Christopher, Barbie, and Wulfgang and grandmother to Alex. She is currently in her second year of her Instructional Technology and Learning Science Master's program.

Osvaldo Gonzalez

Osvaldo Gonzalez was born in southern California and was raised in the city of Victorville. Although he spent most of his life in California, he lived in Cache Valley for a period of his childhood and returned once again to study at Utah State University. Currently, he is a junior studying Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences with an emphasis in Animal and Dairy Science. Osvaldo enjoys working with farm animals, particularly with dairy cows. He aspires to attend graduate school to become a nutritionist for dairy cows. Apart from working with cows, Osvaldo enjoys visiting rivers, driving four-wheelers, and spending time with his family.

Clinton Behunin

Clinton Behunin grew up in Blanding, Utah. After years away from home, he has returned to his home town as a faculty lecturer for the USU Blanding campus teaching Communication Studies courses. Clint is a single father of 3 amazing kids and they like spending time together exploring the red rock canyons and beautiful mountains of the Four Corners area.

Geneva Harline

Geneva is a 2017 graduate from Utah State University's Folklore program. She has worked for Utah State since her graduation. She credits USU’s English department with providing her the confidence, skill and knowledge to succeed. Additionally, she has served as a member of the Aggies Think Care Act committee where she actively works to ensure Utah State is a university that embraces civic responsibility, respect for diversity, and human dignity.

Paul G. Johnson

Paul Johnson is professor and department head in the Department of Plants, Soils, and Climate which is in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences. He grew up in NE Iowa on a small farm near Waterloo/Cedar Falls. Think ‘Field of Dreams’, but not quite as hilly. His professional life has been devoted to researching and teaching about the amazing little plants we call turfgrasses. Paul received his bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from Iowa State University and MS and PhD degrees in horticulture and plant breeding at the University of Minnesota. Paul came to USU in 1998 where his research and teaching focus has been on landscape water conservation and adaptation of turfgrasses in the arid West.