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From Crisis to Opportunity at USU: A Model for Schools in the #MeToo Age

The Salt Lake Tribune Thursday, Jul. 05, 2018

A crisis provides a chance to reevaluate the status quo and make powerful changes that affect the future, signaling that even during times of challenge there is opportunity. Today, we — a rape survivor and former student, along with a university president — come together out of a resolve to transform crisis into an opportunity to positively change the Utah State University campus community. ... USU is working hard to revise policies, change processes, and train staff so students are better protected and understand their rights, and employees are better prepared to deal with issues of sexual violence. ... Today, with the support of Victoria and our Greek community’s leadership, USU is unveiling a series of substantial changes to the organization of the Greek system at USU. ... Victoria will be working with the university on its efforts to improve its prevention of and response to sexual misconduct. ... Nothing can wipe away the pain and trauma that survivors of sexual violence endure and live with every day. But working through that trauma together can lead to reforms that prevent such painful history from repeating itself over and over again. That’s what we hope our partnership, and the changes we’re announcing today, will do.

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