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Creating a Healing Space through Art

By Megan Komm |

A variety of paintings and works of art create a vibrant yet peaceful feeling throughout the halls of Utah State University’s Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence.

Darrin Brooks, associate professor of Interior Design, curated the selection and installation of the artwork. 

“Design can improve how a space functions, our perception of it, and how it makes us feel,” said Brooks. “This is an educational and healing space, and the art is part of that. Especially when you’re in a medical space, art can have a powerful, healing impact.”

This same dedication to art-based healing and growth is reflected by Jump the Moon Foundation—a nonprofit organization providing creative mentorship to those with diverse abilities. In providing studio space, art materials, and marketing support to artists with developmental and cognitive disabilities, Jump the Moon enables artists of diverse abilities to succeed professionally and personally.

Many local artists’ work is currently being exhibited in the Lyndsley Wilkerson Art Gallery, which is nestled in a luminous nook on the first floor of the Sorenson Center. The walls are swimming with bright colors, bold lines, and swirling shapes. At the entrance there is an expansive mural showcasing dozens of gliding geese.

Justin Canha, the artist behind the composition, was a close friend of the gallery’s namesake, Lyndsley Wilkerson. Rather than focusing on their individual disabilities, both Lyndsley and Justin rooted themselves in creation, helping each other find joy in their craft.

Thanks to Jump the Moon, many others have had the unique opportunity to explore their creative talents, and many more have been able to find joy, healing, and growth in artwork.

To enjoy the work of these local artists, pay a visit to the Lyndsley Wilkerson Gallery in the Sorenson Center at USU. The exhibit is open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Learn more about Jump the Moon Foundation and its creative resources by visiting


Megan Komm
Public Relations Assistant
Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services


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