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USU Requests Nominees for Diversity Awards

Utah State University is seeking nominations for its 28th annual Diversity Awards. The USU Diversity Awards recognize individuals or organizations on campus and in communities served by USU who have made significant contributions to diversity and inclusion. Nominations are due by Dec. 8, 2021.

“Equity and inclusion work is critical to USU’s mission,” said USU President Noelle E. Cockett. “We’re grateful for all of our students, faculty, staff and community members whose efforts are helping us achieve a more equitable and inclusive USU. That work benefits us all.”

USU Diversity Awards are given in the following categories: student, faculty, administrator, staff, individual community member and community organization. Nominees selected to receive the award must:

  • Model behavior that promotes diversity.
  • Nourish acceptance of individual differences.
  • Strive to enhance academic, employment or community relations among people who are different.
  • Integrate diversity concepts and values into academic curriculum, management functions or community service.
  • Develop methods for increasing and valuing diversity among students, faculty, staff or local businesses/associations.
  • Maximize opportunities to achieve diversity.

“A good nominee is someone who goes above and beyond to incorporate equity and inclusion into their work, their service and/or their teaching,” President Cockett said.

Last year’s awardees included the Community COVID-19 Relief Effort (community organization), Jamal Jared-Alexander (student), Christy Glass (faculty), Janis Boettinger (administrator), Nahomi Jimenez (staff) and Dennis Briscoe (community individual).

Nominations for the 2021-22 Diversity Awards are due by Dec. 8, 2021. Visit for complete details and the nomination form.


Amanda Castillo
Office of Equity


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