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Presidential Decree


WHEREAS: Utah State University seeks to celebrate and promote the traditions and school spirit that make the Aggie family, and your experiences at Utah State, great;

WHEREAS: the university recognizes that the primary colors of “Aggie Blue” and “Fighting White” are an important part of Utah State’s tradition;

WHEREAS: the school colors, along with Utah State’s insignia, are symbolic representations of the traditions, spirit, and experiences at the university;

WHEREAS: the university recognizes that its colors and indicia play a fundamental role in the university's efforts to promote and market the educational experiences at Utah State by reinforcing its mission and messages;

WHEREAS: the first inaugural “True Blue Aggie Friday” will be August 31, 2018;

THEREFORE: I, Noelle E. Cockett, President of Utah State University, do hereby proclaim every Friday as “True Blue Aggie Friday” and encourage all faculty, staff, alumni, students, and Aggie Family members to wear apparel bearing the colors and insignia of the university on these days.

Noelle Cockett signature
July 18, 2018
Presidential seal