Tutor Matching Service Overview

USU ASP provides access to the Tutor Matching Service system that allows students who are seeking tutoring, or who wish to tutor, to find appropriate tutoring matches.

Tutor Requirements

  • USU ASP will only validate USU affiliated tutors who are current or previous USU students
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Students must have successfully completed the classes they are tutoring with at least a B+ or higher
  • Students with only Advanced Placement (AP) credit will not be approved as tutors unless they have completed the equivalent course or a higher course at an accredited college or university

How to Create an Ad on Tutor Matching Service


Create an account including first and last name, a profile picture, contact information, payment method, and selecting the subject(s) that will be tutored


Send a pdf version of the college transcript to tutoring@usu.edu for review. For USU students ensure that the A Number is included with the transcript.


The transcript and the advertisement will be reviewed by the ASP staff.


Make sure that you use detail in your advertisement.


Once the ad has been processed and your grades have been verified, the ad will be posted to the site.

tms tutor ad

Tips for Creating an Ad

  • Providing specific class names will allow people looking for help to find you more easily.
  • Badges may be requested for specific accomplishments that will be listed on the website.  They include High Overall GPA (3.5 Overall GPA), High GPA in Class (A- or A in the Class on the transcript), CRLA Level I (Must provide certificate indicating training), CRLA Level II (Must provide certificate to indicate training).
  • Please do not oversell your services by guaranteeing an outcome. Phrases like "I can guarantee you..." are questionable.