AT Episode 5: Hearing Tech for Life

By JoLynne Lyon | December 4, 2020
a woman smiles during a video chat
Photo by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels

...And for surviving the holidays

This episode is for the family members, service providers and friends who have wondered if it is possible to have a multi-person conversation that includes someone who is hard of hearing. Four hard-of-hearing experts talked with me via Google Meet about communication platforms and other assistive technology that helps them survive life, the holidays and the perils of navigating a mask-wearing world. And it was delightful.

With many thanks to our friends from Utah's Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for lending us their expertise! 

For more information on services, classes and events for Utahns who are having a hard time hearing, contact a specialist near you.

Visit our podcast website for a complete transcript.

Here are some highlights:

0:29 - Services and classes for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Utah moved online due to the pandemic--and they are reaching more people than ever before.

3:47 - Four participants talk about how hearing technology has changed their lives.

9:56 - Specialist Susan Ordonez talks about the challenges of moving online as a reluctant adapter--and how successful the move has been.

11:35 - Mask-wearing has affected many who rely on lip-reading. Here are some AT suggestions (Google Live Transcribe and Otter, for example).

13:41 - Online classes have reached rural Utahns, overcoming the barriers of distance and accessibility.

16:00 - Tips for surviving the holidays--including having realistic expectations...

18:30 - Taking hearing breaks...

20:14 - Appreciating the smaller gatherings of 2020 and a good, focused Zoom conversation....

21:29 - Playing cards online while chatting over Google Meet.

22:47 - Have hearing tech users seen evidence that the things they discuss while using their technology are then marketed more heavily to them online?

24:21 - Hearing tech in general is less creepy than Facebook. However, some users are still careful about what they share in a conversation.

25:38 - Using new technology is scary, but it helps the user to take that first step and try something new for a better experience. And it is important to spread the word about the services that are available. So share this podcast with someone who could use it!

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