Playing at a distance

By JoLynne Lyon | November 4, 2020

Fun apps that connect your family


We’ve known for months that work can happen online. But what about play?

Here’s a list of games you can enjoy with your friends and family, in the same room or a different state. Play them on your phone, your desktop or your gaming console—different games are on different platforms.

Note: mentions and links do not imply endorsement.

Multi-game services


The Steam website allows people to buy, play and discuss games. It’s also available on gaming consoles, iOS and Android. Prices vary.


Jackbox offers individual games and "Party Pack" varieties. Remote play is possible through a videoconferencing app or Steam. Prices vary.



Words with Friends Classic

In a contest similar to Scrabble, players can compete with each other or play on their own. Free.  iOS, Android.

Draw Something

Pictionary players will find this game familiar; players draw a picture to illustrate a word, and their friends guess what it is. iOS, Android. Free.

Trivia Crack

Trivial Pursuit buffs will recognize this concept. They choose quiz categories and pit their knowledge against their friends.  Free. Facebook, iOS, Android.

Fibbage (Jackbox)

Balderdash bluffers may want to try this one, as they lie, detect lies and discover truth that is stranger than fiction. Price varies. Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Amazon Fire TV.

Quiplash (Jackbox)

Contestants answer random questions, then vote on their friends' responses with no rules, no right answers. Price varies. Steam, Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Humble, Fanatical, Mac App Store, Nintendo Switch

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

You and your friends work together to defuse a "bomb." You see the bomb, they see the instructions. iOS, Android, PC, console, VR and mobile VR. Prices vary.

Heads Up

Charade game featured on the Ellen show. Prices vary.  iOS and Android.


Karaoke app lets you sing a solo, duet or group number with people around the world. Free with in-app purchases. iOS and Android.

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