Accessible Times: Accessibility in Salt Lake City

By JoLynne J. Lyon | March 30, 2021

I first interviewed Sarah Benj months ago. We talked about the accessibility features of places that people could not visit under lockdown. But that was all right because we thought the restrictions would be over soon.  

Then, as the pandemic wore on, I recorded some pandemic-specific episodes and Sarah’s interview waited to get the attention it deserved.

This month I interviewed Everette Bacon, president of the National Federation of the Blind of Utah, and he brought us up to date about some of the accessibility features you can find in Salt Lake City.

These interviews discuss improvements made to 300 West, making it more accessible to people of all abilities.

We also talk about the trailers used by Salt Lake City to transport the wheelchairs of people with disabilities who need emergency transport.

Finally we learn about the AIRA app, helping the Blind navigate in crowded, busy places. It's available for free in the Washington Square area of SLC. This app has a free version with limited minutes, but users in Washington Square and the SLC Airport can use it for free for as long as it is needed.

As the pandemic winds down, it's good to know there are accessible public places for us to return to!

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