Latest podcast: AT for Seniors

By JoLynne Lyon | September 30, 2021

An interview with North Dakota Assistive Director Jeannie Krull

We're back after a break, and it feels great! Especially when we get to talk to someone  who loves AT as much as North Dakota Assistive DirectorJeannie Krull.

"I think one of my biggest goals, until I can't do this anymore, is for everybody to know about this," she said. "Everybody in the planet needs to know about assistive technology before they need it. "

A complete transcript of this episode is available on the Buzzsprout website. If you'd prefer to listen on an app, Accessible Times: the UATP Podcast is available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher and Buzzsprout.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Krull talks about:

  • Providing services in rural areas (1:31)
  • Video conferencing (3:24)
  • Smart speakers and smart home technology (5:32)
  • How Apple, Amazon and Google systems compare (9:11)
  • Encouraging people to adopt assistive technology (13:00)
  • Whether seniors will use high-tech equipment (18:50)
  • Favorite low-tech solutions (24:31)
  • Fall detection on an Apple Watch (29:42)


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