UATP in Uintah Basin

the fabrication lab at UATP in the Uintah Basin

Device Demonstration & Loans

UATP is dedicated to helping people find the assistive technology that is right for them.

We provide AT demonstrations to show people with disabilities their options. We also allow people to "check out" assistive technology from our demonstration libraries, so that they can be sure it will fill their needs before they make a purchase. 

We can also loan equipment for a short-term need, like an injury or recovery after surgery. Items include knee scooters, manual wheelchairs, motorized scooters, power wheelchairs and aids to daily living. To find out what types of devices are available, visit our library page.

You can also search for items for demonstration and loan on our AT4All partner site.


The Utah Assistive Technology Program offers customization services to people who may need a low-cost, personalized solution to their needs. This is important because sometimes devices off-the-shelf are not affordable, not practical or not quite the right fit.

UATP can bridge the gap between an existing device and a need, or build a device from the ground up.

For more information, contact Cameron Cressall.

Device Refurbishment
and Reuse

Our Uintah Basin facility accepts donated equipment of all types, refurbishes it, then helps find new homes for it.

To donate or find out what devices are available, contact Cameron Cressall.

Cameron Cressall

Uintah Basin Coordinator

Office Location: 2574 W 500 N #2 Vernal, UT 84078
Phone: 435-767-1719