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Creative Support

From graphic design to photography and video production, our team offers a wide variety of digital services.

Graphic Design

The university graphic designers are responsible for official logo creation and management of all campus entities. In their lead designer roles, they facilitate training, education, and communication between all the graphic designers on campus. They also provide graphic design services for various university-wide print publications, social media, and web communications.

Logo Requests

The university graphic designers are in charge of the creation of official logos for all university organizations. For help in creating an official logo for your organization, email or fill out the online request form.

A library of current and approved Utah State logos is maintained by the university designers and are available in a variety of formats such as eps, svg, jpg, and png. Files may be requested anytime at

Design Resources

Color is a fundamental component of Utah State’s brand identity. To ensure consistency in color and ease of use, we have created an Adobe Swatch library as well as a Microsoft theme. You can download the Microsoft theme or request access to the Utah State Adobe Swatch library by emailing

To create a uniform look and feel for university publications, you are encouraged to use one of the following five fonts for day-to-day business publications: Univers, Helvetica, Arial, Garamond, or Times. However, there are no restrictions on use of any typefaces in university publications. The official font for Utah State University is Univers typeface. A campus license has been purchased for our us. Please email us to request a copy of the font.

Design Services

Our team provides art direction and design for a variety of projects across several entities at the university. We help ensure university designs meet the visual identity standards and portrays the correct tone for the university.

We hold a monthly design meeting for all designers at Utah State. This meeting provides training, education, networking, and communication opportunities. To attend a meeting please contact for more information. Training for groups or individuals is also available upon request.

Design consultations are also available for assistance in the development of marketing pieces or campaigns.


The university photographer produces a wide variety of high-quality images representing the core messages, character, and distinction of Utah State University. In collaboration with writers, graphic designers, web specialists, and other campus communicators, project-specific photographs are created for print publications and web use. Upon request, archived images are provided to departments and colleges, and also to off-campus entities. Major university events are photographed throughout the year for media purposes and/or historic documentation.

Video Production

The university videographer maintains the Utah State YouTube channel, provides general B-roll footage of campus for use by colleges, departments, and news channels. The office also acquires and shoots high-quality video footage for use in videos produced by departments and colleges. The university videographer provides editing assistance and help with video animation of the university logos that are visual identity compliant.

For general inquiries:

Graphic Design:
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except state and federal holidays
Location: Public Relations & Marketing building
Mailing address: Utah State University | Creative Support 0500 Old Main Hill Logan, UT 84322-0500


Liz Lord
Graphic Designer
Office: 435-797-5506
Cell: 435-881-1032

Aimee Brunson
Graphic Designer
Office: 435-797-1906
Cell: 435-512-3113

Levi Sim
University Photographer
Office: 435-797-0902

Jeremy Jensen
University Videographer
Office: 435-797-8833
Cell: 435-770-8200