UMAC: Trademark Licensing

List of Trademarks

The following trademarks are registered to Utah State University.  An appropriate trademark indicator should be present when trademarks are used, particularly for external communications. Which include but are not limited to merchandise and print pieces (posters, brochures, flyers, banners, etc.)

Important Note About Trademark Use

All marks owned by Utah State are subject to the policies and procedures of the university Trademark Licensing Policy, university policy 510. Policies and procedures apply to all current and “retired” marks. A license is required by all outside entities who wish to use and/or reproduce Utah State's trademarks. 

All other names, symbols, initials, or graphic elements that refer to Utah State University are protected by U.S. and state law.

  • Aggies™
  • Aggie ™
  • USU™
  • USU Aggies™
  • Block Letter A™
  • Big Blue™
  • Utah State Aggies®
  • Tower with an 'A'™
  • U State®
  • Utah State®
  • The Presidential Seal™
  • Believe It™
  • I Believe™
  • Utah State University®
  • We Believe™
  • Aggie Nation™
  • I Believe That We Will Win™
  • True Blue™
  • Aggie Country™
  • Winning Team, Losing Team™
  • HURD™
  • Gwaggies™
  • True Blue Aggie Friday™
  • Jr. Aggie™
  • Aggie Creamery™
  • Utah State HURD™
  • True Aggie™
  • Aggie Ice Cream®
  • Aggie Chocolate Factory™
  • Aggie Chocolate™
  • The Aggie Card™
  • Once an Aggie, Always an Aggie™
  • Established 1888™
  • Aggies Unlimited™
  • Aggies All The Way™
  • Little Blue™
  • Meet The Challenge™
  • Where the Sagebrush Grows™
  • Aggie Blue™
  • Aggie Up™
  • Live the Aggie Life™
  • Aggie Family™
  • Summer Citizens™
  • Artisan Aggie Cheese™
  • Aggie Made™
  • Aggie Life™
  • Utah Master Gardener™
  • Aggie Impact™
  • AggieAir™
  • Old Lyric Repertory Company™
  • Aggie Funded™
  • Utah Water Watch™
  • Aggie Adventures for Kids™
  • True Blooded Aggie™
  • Aggies are Everywhere™
  • Bull Horn Hand Sign™
  • Aggies are Everywhere™
  • Light the A Blue™
  • Hail The Utah Aggies™
  • Aggie Strong™

This is not an exhaustive list of trademarks registered by Utah State University. Trademarks are updated continually. A current list of all trademarks that are registered to Utah State University is available from the University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing Director.