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    Upcoming Events    FALL 2020 'Brave New World' Series, Part I    Friday, Sept. 25: Nick Flann, USU Department of Computer Science, 'Spread of Misinformation in Social Media'    Friday, Oct. 23: Idaho National Laboratory speaker (TBA), 'Cyber Security'    Friday, Nov. 13: Tenielle Brown, Quinney College of Law, University of Utah, 'Genetic Privacy'     SPRING 2021 'Brave New World' Series, Part II    Friday, Jan. 22: Thayne Sweeten, USU Department of Biology, 'Vaccine Fears'    Friday, Feb. 19: Ryan Jackson, USU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 'Genetic Engineering'    Friday, March 19: Jeanie Johnson, USU Department of Political Science, 'Surveillance vs. Public Safety''    Friday, April 16: Andy Anderson, USU Department of Biology, 'Medical Ethics'

Event Update: Our new series kicks off Friday, Sept. 25 with computer scientist Nick Flann. We will advise if offered on-site on the USU campus or by remote delivery.

What Is Science Unwrapped?

Established in 2009, Science Unwrapped is a free, monthly presentation series, open to the public, hosted by Utah State University's College of Science. Inquiring minds of all ages are invited to learn about the wonders, the joys, the mishaps, the fun, the unexpected detours and the excitement of scientific discovery.

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