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Upcoming Events

Our new 2021-22 series begins Friday, September 17. We will hold an in-person presentation, with socially distanced seating, in the Emert Auditorium (ESLC 130) in the Eccles Science Learning Center on the USU campus. Masks are encouraged.  NOTE: Current pandemic conditions prevent us from offering in-person learning activities. In the meantime, we invite guests to view our volunteers’ Video Learning Activities. All presentations will be recorded and posted to the website within about a week of the live presentation.

FALL 2021 "Science on the Horizon, Part I

  • Friday, Sept. 17: “Seeing Science: Using Machine Learning to Visualize Data,” Dr. Kevin Moon, data scientist
  • Friday, Oct. 29: “Making Use of the Great and Small: Tracking Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes with Satellites and Genetics,” Dr. Norah Saarman, evolutionary ecologist
  • Friday, Nov. 12: “An In-COVID-ient Sleuth: Lifting Viral Fingerprints from Water and Air,” Dr. Keith Roper, biological engineer

SPRING 2022 "Science on the Horizon" Series, Part II

  • Friday, Jan. 28: “Hard Choices: Being a Robot in a Human World,” Dr. Mario Harper, computer scientist
  • Friday, Feb. 25: “From Animals to Autism: The Science of Social Bonds,” Dr. Sara Freeman, neurobiologist
  • Friday, March 18: “What Goes Up, Must Come Down: Cleaning Up the Atmosphere with Geology,” Dr. Katie Potter, geoscientist
  • Friday, April 1: “Electric Avenues: Advancing Sustainability through Powered Infrastructure for Roadway Electrification (ASPIRE),” Dr. Regan Zane, electrical engineer