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Great Salt Lake Today Series: Wayne Wurtsbaugh

Great Salt Lake Today Series: Wayne Wurtsbaugh

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7:00 PM


ESLC 130

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Dubbed “America’s Dead Sea,” the Great Salt Lake is anything but. Seventy-five miles long and nearly 35 miles wide, the salt water remnant of ancient Lake Bonneville teems with aquatic life and serves as a critical flyway for millions of migratory birds. Yet the lake, ringed by an extensive network of wetlands and adjacent to Utah’s population and industrial center, is vulnerable to development pressures. Utah State University’s Science Unwrapped explores this enigmatic Utah gem in its new spring 2015 “Great Salt Lake Today” series. Hosted by USU’s College of Science, the series, which complements Utah State’s 2015 “Year of Water” initiative, begins Jan. 16. Inquiring minds of all ages are invited to join in the journey as scholars from a variety of disciplines discuss the massive lake and provide hands-on learning opportunities