Career Ladder FAQ

What is Utah’s Early Childhood Career Ladder and how do I receive a level?

The Early Childhood Career Ladder’s primary focus is to increase the quality of care in early childhood settings and to provide ongoing education and training experience. The Career Ladder Program consists of ten Career Ladder Levels. Participants may complete the levels in any allowable order but must fulfill all requirements of the level option that is chosen.

Can I participate in the Career Ladder if I am not eligible for a Professional Development Incentive?

Yes; anyone who is interested, may take Career Ladder and Endorsement courses, and be awarded a certificate of completion for them. Please note, there is no money attached to these certificates.

How can I “hop” on the Career Ladder?

You begin with level 1 or you can also hop on the Career Ladder at Level 4 with a Demonstrated Competency Certification, Level 9 with an eligible Associate Degree and Level 10 with an eligible Bachelor Degree.

I need a “Demonstrated Competency Certification (DCC)” to receive Level 4 what does that mean?

A Demonstrated Competency Certification must include training, an observation and an assessment. An example of a Demonstrated Competency would be a CDA (Child Development Associate Credential) or Utah High School Skills Certification A & B, in addition to other approved Demonstrated Competency Certifications.

Are there scholarships available to help me with the cost of my demonstrated competency?

Yes, scholarships are currently available to help offset the cost of obtaining a CDA and National Administrators Credential (NAC).

Can college credits be used to earn a level on the Career Ladder?

College credits can be used for levels 1-3 and once a Level 4 is earned using a Demonstrated Competency Certification, individual early childhood college credits (or specific to the ages you work with) can be used to advance on Levels 5-8. Individual college credits must be from an accredited university with a grade C or better.

How do I find out what Career Ladder Classes are available in my area?

You can access the Utah EC/SA Workforce Registry to find out which classes are coming up, see the classes that you are registered for, view your transcript and see where you are on the Career Ladder. You will need a username and password to view your profile. If you don’t know your username and password you can access the password reset on the login screen. For any questions, please contact the CAC agency in your area or URPD. For additional information on available courses, view our approved online courses and CEU's.

Can I use a college degree to earn a level on the Career Ladder?

An Associate or Bachelor degree in early childhood (or a related field with at least 15 early childhood credits or specific to the ages you work with) can be used to earn Levels 9 or 10 respectively without earning any lower Career Ladder levels. An Associate or Bachelor Degree without sufficient early childhood credits (or specific to the ages you work with) can be used to earn Levels 9 or 10, but only after Level 8 is earned.