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We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our upcoming summer camps and other USU STARS! activities. Take a look at our FAQs to see if your question is answered there, or reach out to our team by completing the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What parents want to know

  • What kind of camps does USU STARS! GEAR UP offer?
    Camps are open to participating schools , and offer your student the chance to live on campus, take fun grade-specific classes, discover and develop skills, and meet other students from across the state.
  • What/who is GEAR UP?
    USU STARS! GEAR UP is a federally funded grant program intended to help you and your student navigate a successful high school graduation and post-secondary educational enrollment.
  • What will my student do at camp?
    Your student will participate in academic classes, college mentoring, and leadership development. College professors will teach camp classes and college students will act as counselors.
  • Where will my student stay?
    Utah State University will provide students lodging in residence halls on campus. Classes will be held on campus and in the areas surrounding the university. USU STARS! GEAR UP and USU staff will transport students during the camp, if needed.
  • Who supervises camp, and who will keep my student safe?
    Safety and supervision are very important to us. USU STARS! GEAR UP camps have a full staff, including professional staff members, camp supervisors. Other personnel on-call include participating schools (teachers, counselors, site coordinators), camp counselors (college students), camp instructors (college professors), and campus police.
  • What are my responsibilities?
    We expect you, as a parent, to make sure your student understands the USU STARS! GEAR UP camp rules and expectations. If your student breaks the rules, you will be responsible for picking him or her up early. You are also expected to help your student prepare/pack for camp and ensure he or she brings the required items.
  • Will my student need money?
    All meals and camp supplies will be provided by USU STARS! GEAR UP. If you would like your student to have additional "spending money," that is permitted but not required.
  • Who else will be at the camp?
    Students of the same grade-level from other schools that USU STARS! serves, including 12 high schools and 9 middle/junior high schools across Utah.
  • Will boys and girls be together or separate?
    During day and evening hours, all students will attend classes and sessions together. At night, girls and boys will be housed separately. Students are forbidden to have a member of the opposite gender in their rooms.
  • Will my student have a roommate? Can he or she request a particular roommate?
    Your student will have a roommate. Students may request a particular student as a roommate and we will do our best to accommodate that request but we cannot guarantee every request will be fulfilled.
  • My student has special dietary needs. What arrangements can you make for this?
    Prior to attending camp, students and parents are asked to complete an enrollment packet which will give you the opportunity to identify any dietary needs. Additionally, meals are buffet-style and students are able to choose their own food from many options provided.
  • My student is always hungry. Will he or she get enough to eat?
    All three meals are buffet-style, which means your student can eat as much as he or she wants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also provide snacks in the evening.

What students want to know

  • Participant Behavioral Code of Conduct:
    Students attending any USU STARS! GEAR UP event agree to follow the participant bahvioral code of conduct.
    1. The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs is prohibited.
    2. The possession or use of fireworks, guns, and other weapons is prohibited.
    3. The operation of a motor vehicle by Minors is prohibited while attending and participating in the program.
    4. No violence, including sexual abuse or harassment, will be tolerated.
    5. Hazing of any kind is prohibited.
    6. Bullying including verbal, physical, and cyber bullying is prohibited.
    7. Theft of property is prohibited.
    8. Misuse or damage of University property is prohibited. Charges will be assessed against those participants who are responsible for damage or misuse of University property.
    9. The inappropriate use of cameras, imaging, and digital devices is prohibited, including use of such devices in showers, restrooms, or other areas where privacy is expected by participants.
  • How do I register for camp?
    Find the Register button on the page of the camp you are interested in.
  • What will I do at a USU STARS! GEAR UP summer camp?
    Well, that depends on the camp you choose, but we hope that you will discover and develop skills that make you even more awesome than you are now. You’ll get to:
    • learn new and exciting things
    • explore science, and engineering in real situations
    • make new friends from across the state
    • hang out on a college campus
    • participate in classes and challenge your mind
  • Will there be other kids my age?
    Yes! All camps are organized by grade and topic of interest.
  • What are my responsibilities?
    You will be required to attend classes. We will treat you with respect and allow you some freedom - but you have to respect the camp staff and the rules, such as coming to all camp activities on time and participating. We also expect you to follow the code of conduct. Most of all, we want to see you have a good attitude!
  • How much does camp cost?
    These camps are FREE. All we ask is that you come ready to learn.
  • Will I need money?
    All meals and supplies are provided by USU STARS! GEAR UP If you would like to have additional "spending money," that is permitted but not required.
  • Who else will be there?
    Students from other USU STARS! GEAR UP schools will attend from all across the state of Utah.
  • Will I share a room with someone?
    Yes, you will have a roommate (just like in college). If you request a specific roommate, we will try very hard to make that happen.
  • Can I bring my cell phone and other gadgets?
    Yes, you will have certain times you can use these items. You are responsible for the safety and care of these items.
  • Do boys and girls get to hang out together?
    Yes, but only during supervised activities and NEVER in the residence hall rooms. If you get caught with students of the opposite sex in the residence hall rooms, you'll be kicked out of camp - no excuses, no exceptions.
  • I'm a picky eater. What will I eat?
    All meals are buffet-style, which means you get to choose what you want to eat from a variety of options and eat as much or as little as you want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We even provide snacks in the evening.
  • How can I contact my parents?
    If you have a cell phone, you can call them during your free time. If you don't, the chaperones or counselors can give you access to a phone.
  • If camp is full, how do I get on a waiting list?
    Since camps are popular and fill quickly, we recommend that you sign up right away. If the camp that you are interested in is full, ask the GEAR UP coordinator at your school about putting you on a wait list.