Exploring Careers

Student in computer lab.

Exploring careers in middle and high school is important to help you plan for your future. Knowing what job you want will help you find the right education after high school, saving you both time and money. Here are some tools to help make career exploration easier.

Career Resources
  • Becomeopedia.comIncludes clusters of career descriptions, educational requirements, job descriptions, and salary information.
  • Chegg InternshipsExplore a large collection of careers with salary information, internships, and many short videos.
  • Keys to SuccessResources and tools for students to plan for their future
  • Launch My Career: Identifies jobs in Utah and compares earning potential.
  • Learn How To Become: Search career paths and research education options, job details, and salaries
  • Shmoop: Career and Life Skills Resources - free resources for high school, college, and career readiness.
  • Utah Architecture, Engineering and Construction Pathway: Explore certificates and education targeting these careers in Utah.
  • Virtual Job ShadowAn interactive tool to help students discover and develop career paths based on choice, not chance.