Why College

When we say college, we mean any type of education or training after high school including 4-year degrees, 2-year degrees, certificates, apprenticeships and more. Here are some reasons why education after high school is the right choice:

  • Make more money. People who graduate from college make more money than those with just a high school diploma. A lot more money, actually. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that in 2016, people with a college degree made around $1,156 a week. Someone with a high school diploma earned just $692.
  • Have more opportunity. People who go to college open up their choices for jobs. The more education you have, the more likely you are to land a job that will lead to a more comfortable life. The majority of Utah’s fastest-growing and highest-paying jobs require an education beyond high school.
  • Make connections. In college, students make new friends and other connections that will be helpful when it’s time to get started in a career. Those friends they make in college will help them get jobs, and these connections and networks will help them throughout their lives.
  • Live a healthier and happier life. Studies have shown that college graduates are healthier and are less likely to get divorced. There’s a well-established link between more education and better health: high school graduates are nearly twice as likely to be in poorer health than college graduates.

College offers even more, from meeting new people and building confidence to improving your decision-making skills and making your family proud. USU STARS! GEAR UP is here to help students prepare for college and succeed in their future.