Impact Teams

In the Bolder Way Forward Framework, there are issues that permeate across and influence each spoke that will need attention. Deep work will need to occur in all of these areas for successful societal change in Utah. The four overarching "rim" topics include sexism, male allyship, culture (e.g. interfaith, arts and music, women's history), and identity (e.g., race/ethnicity, LGBTQ+, neurodiversity, disability, refugees and immigrants, age). Members of these impact teams will work as coaches to spoke leaders to ensure that inclusive strategies are developed. Teams will also develop bold goals for change in their respective areas. 


Age Impact Team

Arts & Music

Arts & Music Impact Team


Disabilities Impact Team


Interfaith Impact Team


LGBTQ+ Impact Team

Male Allyship

Male Allyship Impact Team


Neuroequality Team

Race & Ethnicity

Race & Ethnicity Impact Team


Refugees & Immigrants

Refugees & Immigrants Impact Team


Sexism Impact Team

Veterans & Service Women

Veteran & Service Women Impact Team

Women’s History

Women’s History Impact Team