Our current and past volunteers are listed below. We enjoy working with volunteers and use them in many ways. Please email uwlp@usu.edu if you are interested in being involved. Include details of the types of tasks/efforts you would like to be involved with, your experience in these areas, and the number of hours per week or month you would be interested in contributing. Visit our Get Involved page for ideas. We look forward to hearing from you! We also thank our Ambassadors for all their time they volunteer.

Featured Volunteers

Karen Hill

Karen Hill 
After rearing her four children, Karen re-entered the workforce and obtained her master’s degree from Brigham Young University. She has spent countless hours volunteering and working to better the lives of young mothers, underemployed women, abused women, and young readers. She is excited to assist in outreach efforts in Utah County for the Utah Women & Leadership Project and in participating in other important work of this organization. 
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Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown
Rebecca is a junior at Brigham Young University majoring in Public Health with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. She hopes to pursue a master's degree in Public Health after graduation. She believes in the power of women's voices to improve communities at local and international levels. Rebecca is helping the UWLP with qualitative data analysis. 
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Kelly Vincent

Olivia Hall  
Olivia is a junior at Utah State University majoring in Management. She is passionate about Operations Management, Human Resources and Finance. In addition to these interests, she actively tries to become involved in organizations that empower women through service, education and leadership. Olivia is helping the UWLP by working as an event volunteer.
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Expert Research Reviewers

  • Amanda Christensen
  • Amy Loftus
  • Amy Pollard
  • Amy-Rose White
  • Ann House
  • Anna Fondario
  • Anne Burkholder
  • Anne Wairepo
  • Barbara Leavitt
  • Bill Hulterstrom
  • Bob Walker
  • Bree Murphy
  • Brenda Ralls
  • Brett McIff
  • Cheryl Hanewicz
  • Chiara Cameron
  • Chris Bray
  • Dale Maughan
  • Daniel Harris
  • Danni Larsen
  • David Damschen
  • Debbie Cragun
  • Dennis Hansen
  • Elsa Gary
  • Erin Jemison
  • Heather Stringfellow
  • Jason Slack
  • Jean Millar
  • Jenifer Lloyd
  • Jennifer Lynn Robinson
  • Jennifer Tabler
  • Jessie Mandle
  • Joylin Namie
  • Justin Hyatt
  • Katherine Kitterman
  • Kathy Link
  • Kelly Lundberg
  • Kris Doty
  • Kyl Myers
  • LaDawn Stoddard
  • Leah Schilling
  • Lecia Langston
  • Lexie Kite
  • Lindsay Kite
  • Liz Darger
  • Lori Andersen Spruance
  • Mallory Bateman
  • Mara Haight
  • Marcela Smid
  • Marin Christensen
  • Martha Wunderli
  • Maya Miyairi 
  • Micah Vorwaller
  • Myla Dutton
  • Pat Jones
  • Peggy Carrico
  • Peggy Pasin
  • Renata Forste
  • Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck
  • Robyn Bretzing
  • Ryan Burns
  • Senator Jani Iwamoto
  • Sharlie Barber
  • Shauna Lower
  • Shauna Spencer
  • Shawn Teigen
  • Susan Speirs
  • Susan Thackeray
  • Tami Goetz
  • Tim Brusseau
  • Todd Harper 
  • Tonja Bowen Bishop
  • Tracy Gruber
  • Yoshimi Anzai

Event Volunteers

  • Amanda Nielson
  • Amanda Pea
  • Amanda Wardell
  • Amber Reid
  • Ashley Naylor
  • Brenna Anhder
  • Brooke Scott
  • Connie Sokol
  • Dhaanyaa Patmanaban
  • Eili Petersen
  • Ella Moss
  • Haylee Dagley
  • Heather Bowers
  • Heather Heideman
  • Izabel Batista Santos Rocha de Souza
  • Jada Brown
  • Jamie Vawdrey
  • Janae Moss
  • Janessa Cottrell
  • Jason Lutz
  • Jessica Wong
  • Jolene Merica
  • Josie Sandoval
  • Kaeli Davis
  • Katherine Morrell 
  • Katie Brough
  • Keely Torsak
  • Kinley Moss
  • Libby Sugg
  • Lisa Torres
  • Liz Huber 
  • Logan Densley
  • Macall Janis
  • Madison Hoaldridge
  • Madison Sperry 
  • Marcie Clark 
  • Megan Shaw
  • Melissa Ogden
  • Michelle Proctor
  • Olivia Archibald 
  • Olivia Hall 
  • Pasang Sherpa
  • Shannon Bryan
  • Shanae Wilkinson
  • Staci Madsen
  • Teh Li Szhen (Michelle)
  • Thira Leausa
  • Whitney Moss
  • Women's Athletics Volunteers
  • Women's Success Center Volunteers
  • UVU Women’s Athletic Volunteers
  • UVU Women’s Success Center Volunteers

Research & Resource Development Volunteers

  • Binmattie Sewnarain
  • Christina Sloan
  • Elisabeth Vargis
  • Heidi Tak
  • Katie Hudman
  • Kelly Vincent 
  • Kortney Osborne
  • LaRene Eborn
  • Laura Middleton
  • Lindsey Phillips
  • Liz Huber 
  • Mariah Hill
  • Marilee Clark
  • Michelle Checketts
  • Michelle Proctor
  • Michelle Vargas
  • Nicole Grothe
  • Paula Rogel
  • Peggy Green
  • Sarah Perkins
  • Sherri Einfeldt