Call-Ups & Leave of Absence

Utah State University cares about your academic success, and appreciates your military service. If you are called-up for active duty military service prior to or during a semester, we will help you with the academic decisions you will need to make in preparation for your departure. You should begin the process on the Leave of Absence & Deferment Website.

What happens if I am deployed mid-semester?

Bring a copy of your active duty deployment orders to TSC room 225 (VRO). You will be asked to file an official Leave of Absence online, which will preserve your admission status (you won't have to reapply).

You may also reach University Advising at 435-797-1132. You will have the option of dropping some or all of our classes, and you will be given a 100% refund with no notations on your transcript. The Matriculation Advisor can help explain the difference between dropping your courses and taking incompletes.

What happens if I am deployed before the semester begins?

The same process exists as above. Take your active duty deployment orders to the VRO in TSC 225. Again, you will be asked to file an official Leave of Absence online.

What happens if I am required to report for short-term training mid-semester?

If you are required to report for short-term training mid-semester, you should first visit with your professors to see if you can make-up any scheduled exams or assignments that occur or are affected by your absence. If you cannot reach an agreement, you may drop an individual class without penalty.

Under what conditions can I get an incomplete?

USU policy allows for an incomplete grade in a circumstance such as active duty deployment. The student must meet with the professor, and together complete the following Incomplete Grade Form, which acts as a contract between you and the professor about the remaining work. In most cases, an incomplete grade is represented by an"I" plus a letter grade, usually an "IF", on a student's transcript, unless the professor changes the grade.

Please note that students have one year to complete their incompletes. USU recommends taking an incomplete only if the student has a very finite amount of work left to complete. In many cases, completely dropping a course is more beneficial to a student. The Matriculation Advisor or your academic advisor can help you make that decision.

What happens if I take an incomplete and my deployment is extended beyond the one year date?

If your deployment is extended beyond one year, and you cannot complete your incomplete, USU will allow you to have your incomplete retroactively removed from your transcript, provided you followed the appropriate Leave of Absence policy above.

What if my parent, spouse, sibling, or friend wants to help me get registered during my deployment?

Federal privacy laws (FERPA) prevent USU faculty and staff from sharing most information about your academic record with anyone, including a parent or a spouse WITHOUT your permission. If you would like to designate someone to act as your agent during your deployment complete the a Information Release form, and take it to the Registrar's Office. The Matriculation Advisor can help you with this, too.

What about my financial aid?

Please contact the USU Financial Aid Office, and let them know you are being called to active duty. They can be reached at 435-797-1073.

What do I do when I return to the University?

Because you filed a Leave of Absence, you will NOT need to reapply to USU — your admissions status has been saved. You will have a registration hold, and you will need to contact the Matriculation Advisor to have it cleared when you are ready to return.

Please expect an e-mail from USU prior to registration for the semester in which you are scheduled to return. You will be asked to verify that your are returning.

To reactivate your veteran's educational benefits, please contact Veterans Resource Office located in TSC 225. You may also contact us by phone at 435-797-7886.