Fitness Assessments

Fitness assessments by HPER graduate students are offered at no charge to USU employees and their spouse/partner. Appointments are available each Thursday afternoon or at your convenience.

Contact Nicole Jackson at for an appointment

Fitness Assessment Goals

 Fitness Assessments - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where do I go for the fitness assessment?

Your assessment will be done in the HPER building, Human Performance Lab, Room 152.  When you enter the building (the main south entrance) you will turn right and walk about halfway down the faculty hallway.  There will be another hall on your left that you will take and then you will make another right.  The Human Performance lab will be at the end of that hall on your left hand side.


2) What do I wear for my fitness assessment?

You should wear comfortable clothing.  We prefer that you wear shorts, a t-shirt and comfortable running/walking/tennis shoes. (Light-weight warm-up pants are also acceptable.)

3) How long does the assessment take?

The assessment should take approximately 30 minutes.


4) Will I be required to do underwater weighing?

No, however you may choose to do underwater weighing if you want.  This service is offered separately.  Let us know if you wish to do underwater weighing, and we will schedule an appointment for you.  For the underwater weighing test, we prefer that you wear a swimsuit.  The accuracy of the test results will be improved.  If you are uncomfortable with this you may wear tight fitting shorts and a tight fitting tank top.  (Air bubbles are trapped in loose fitting clothing and the accuracy of the test decreases.)

5) Should I do the fitness assessment?

Yes, we recommend it.  The fitness assessment is a free service to USU employees.  An assessment allows you to measure your level of fitness compared to national norms.  It allows you to set specific fitness goals and to monitor improvements made over time as you begin your new exercise program, or continue an existing one.  An assessment can be used as a motivational tool.  It can help you to lead a healthy and active life.


6) In what order are the tests arranged?

When you enter the Exercise Lab, we will place a heart rate monitor on you and ask you to read over a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire), and sign an informed consent form.  After being seated for 5 minutes, your resting heart rate and resting blood pressure will be taken.  Your grip strength will be assessed.  You will then be weighed and your height measured.  Body fat measurements will be taken using a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Test.  Your waist measurement will be determined.  We will assess your cardio respiratory fitness by using a single stage 8-minute walking test on the treadmill.  Once your muscles are warm, we will assess your flexibility using a modified sit-and-reach test.  We will assess your muscular endurance using a sit-up and/or push-up test (depending on your preference).  Lastly, we will encourage you to take an online confidential health risk assessment offered at:


7) May I bring a coworker / spouse / partner to do the assessment with me?

We will be taking appointments at 30 minute intervals throughout the day.  If you would like to bring a coworker or your spouse/partner, please let us know in advance.


8) How will I get my results?

Your results are sent by email, UMC, or home address based on your wishes.  You can compare your results to the national normative tables, available on the Office of Human Resources wellness website:  If you would like to discuss your results in more detail, please just ask.


9) Will I get an exercise prescription or have help setting up a fitness plan?

Upon request, we can develop an exercise prescription that will be personalized to meet your fitness needs and goals.  The exercise prescription will include both cardiovascular and strength training components.  To schedule an appointment with a personal trainer in the Wellness Center you may contact any of our personal trainers directly.  Check our website for contact information.  We will be happy to show you how to use the weight training and other fitness equipment.


10) Were can I find other resources regarding my wellness/nutrition goals?

Additional information on health and wellness programs is available through our BlueCross Regence website available at:  Employees can document their progress, and earn points towards cash prizes on this website.  Simply log on using your insurance card information.

Health Advocate offers free healthcare help, an online personal health profile (PHP), and free online or telephonic wellness coaching.  We encourage employees and family members to utilize these services.  Toll-free number: 1-866-695-8622.

For other wellness questions, contact Nicole Jackson, Wellness Assistant, at 797-1807 or by email:  We welcome your comments and suggestions.  We try to keep our website updated regularly:


11) How often should I do an assessment?

We offer fitness assessments year round.  If you would like to monitor your progress over time, we recommend an assessment every 6-12 months.