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Wellness Ambassador
Shannon Johnson

Shannon Johnson

Weight Watchers at Work Volunteer/ Wellness Ambassador
Volunteer: Wellness Ambassador
Location:  Emma Eccles Jones Education (EDUC) 109
Office Phone:  435-797-1470

In March of 2006 diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 5 years prior to this, my Dr. told me that I was in the pre-diabetes stage.  I didn't take him serious, so 2 months later (May 2006) after he gave me the bad news, I joined Weight Watchers. I have known several people who have joined WW and were always successful on the program. I never was interested in joining because you had to weigh in each week and pay money.  I thought I could do lose weight by myself, but obviously that didn't work.

  • The Weight Watcher's program is what I needed. Something to that would keep me on-task and honest with myself, through the weekly weigh-ins.
  • While my son was in the hospital at Primary Children's Medical Center for a week, I found out that there was a Weight Watcher's At Work program there for their employees. I attended one of their meeting and was totally impressed and thought, "wouldn't that be nice to have a Weight Watcher's Program at USU?"
  • I started working on getting the program started at USU in December of 2006. December. It was a long and evolved process and took me until May of 2007 before we started our 1st class here on-campus. We just finished our full 4th year.  In October of 2009 I reached my lifetime Weight Watcher's goal by losing 44 lbs.
  • Having the WW program on-campus is so convenient.  WW members don't have to leave work to go off-campus to attend a meeting and/or weigh-in. We can do it right here in either the TSC, University Inn, or HPER. Plus, we have the support of each other.
  • I still have some work to do, but without WW at work program, life would be so much more difficult. The thing with WW is - it's not a diet - it's a way of living. It's not giving up everything you love. It's learning how to eat in moderation & how to read labels. It's the best program out there. Get the word across campus, so more people can become healthier.
  • With me, it's just not about eating right, it's about exercising too.  The biggest things I can't stress enough are all the opportunities that are available to USU employees and student right here on campus.
  1. Water Aerobics
  2. Spinning
  3. Fit Club & Personal Trainers
  4. Wellness Center exercise equipment
  5. Walking Club
  6. Well Meals

Thanks to Caroline Shuggart for her drive and energy in implementing a variety of healthy programs for us to participate in. We are now a much healthier campus.