Community Development Working Group

The Western Rural Development Center's Western Extension Community Development Working Group was formed to share best practices; discuss emerging regional issues; identify gaps in research and outreach; identify topics and funding sources to pursue multi-state grant funding and then create and submit grant proposals; identify members of the work group to research and publish briefs on relevant, regional topics to be published by the WRDC; develop and deliver online training modules on community development topics useful to those working in Extension and across disciplines; and develop materials on community development response, resiliency, and rebuilding during and following a pandemic.

Subgroups of the Community Development Working Group 

The members of the Community Development Working Group have identified several topics to focus their efforts addressing and producing research and outreach materials for the region and nation. The subgroups are:

  1. Best Practices COVID-19
  2. Broadband Access
  3. Civic Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Climate Education
  5. Economics COVID-19
  6. Federal Lands Management and Planning
  7. Fiscal Crisis
  8. Local Foods
  9. Workforce Development

Members of the Community Development Working Group

First Name Institution
Susan Sekaquaptewa University of Arizona Extension
Holly George University of California
Laura Snell University of California
Patti Schmitt Colorado State University Extension
Shannon Sand University of Hawaii
Lorie Higgins University of Idaho Extension
Jennifer Werlin University of Idaho Extension
Paul Lachapelle Montana State University
Ashely Kent Montana State University Extension
Thomas Harris University of Nevada-Reno
Buddy Borden Nevada Cooperative Extension
Michael Patrick New Mexico State University Extension
Cris Meier Utah State University Extension
Jody Gale Utah State University Extension
Roslynn McCann Utah State University Extension
Courtney Flint Utah State University
Regan Emmons Utah State University
Christina Sanders Washington State University Extension
Mike Gaffney Washington State University Extension
Carrie Backman Washington State University Extension
Clea Rome Washington State University Extension
Laura McCandish Rÿser Washington State University Extension
Julie Daniels University of Wyoming Extension
Roger Coupal University of Wyoming Extension
Don E. Albrecht Western Rural Development Center
Marion Bentley Western Rural Development Center
Betsy H. Newman Western Rural Development Center