June 16, 2020

ASAP Technical Documentation

The Area Sector Analysis Process (ASAP) is an outreach and modeling tool designed to assist communities in developing sustainable community economic development strategies based on community defined priorities and regional infrastructure.  The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the technical framework and components of the ASAP model.

ASAP is designed to identify the intersection between the production requirements of various industries and a community’s economic development goals, its built, human, and natural capital, and its geographic location. It also identifies the benefits each industry can offer the community. ASAP adopts a community perspective, and uses two indices to evaluate the suitability of expanding industry activities already present in the community or recruiting an industry that would be new to the community.

This document describes the technical components of the current modeling framework. Although the modeling approach has remained relatively constant since 2011, data necessary to generate the CI and DI indices are periodically updated when more current data are released or when additional data collection funding becomes available. In addition to the modeling framework and associated data, the outreach and reporting components are occasionally modified to better provide communities with improved decision-making tools.         

Read the ASAP Technical Documentation.