July 8, 2020

"Rural America Offers Positive Alternative in Light of COVID-19," is the latest in our series of COVID-19 Research Briefs. The authors, Ron Wilson, director, Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development, Kansas State University; and Paul Hill, professor, Utah State University Extension, believe rural America offers potential to workers and families seeking refuge from more densely populated areas. The authors look at the positive alternatives of living in rural areas and pose questions for rural leaders to consider when assessing their community for new or returning residents. 

The authors write, "In general, evidence suggests that concentration of the population - especially when complicated by other societal factors - means a higher risk of coronavirus. We grieve for the tragic death loss in New York and the disproportionate impact on urban and black Americans. We must also consider what this means for the rest of the nation and what lessons may be applied from the impact of coronavirus. We believe that rural America can offer a positive alternative for our citizens in the future. Here are three key points."