By Edited by Betsy H. Newman | November 6, 2018

Rural Connections Fall 2018

Rural Connections, the magazine of the Western Rural Development Center, is published to provide research-informed inspiration on timely research and activities by the West’s land-grant institutions and regional/national agencies as it relates to rural development issues in the region. Contributors include researchers, faculty, Extension researchers, specialists and agents, practitioners, and professionals from throughout the West with occasional contributions from outside the region.

IN THIS ISSUE: ON THE COVER-Building Relationships Construyendo Relaciónes: Latino Energy Outreach in the Pacific Northwest. Along with seven articles discussing a range of topics including: ecosystem services; economic benefits of watershed restoration; increasing SNAP/EBT use at farmers markets; Latino energy outreach; cooperatives for CED efforts; cooperative business for rural development; and innovative affordable housing efforts in Wyoming.

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