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The Western Rural Development Center is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the U.S. Rural Development Act of 1972 that established the nation's four Regional Rural Development Centers, and that includes the WRDC.

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Share your stories of involvement with the Western Rural Development Center!
- Have fond memories of past board meetings, conferences, or other interactions with the WRDC? 
- Have you served as an agency liaison with the WRDC?
- Have you collaborated with the Western Rural Development Center? 
- Have you attended past conferences, webinars, or summits?
- Have you participated in ASAP with your community? 
- Did you used to work at the Western Rural Development Center? 
- Do you now serve on the WRDC Board of Directors or did you serve in the past?
- Have you shared your programs and research in WRDC publications such as Rural Connections, Research/Policy Briefs, or the newsletter? 
- Have you received support and/or funding from the WRDC? 

How to share your WRDC story?
Simply complete the quick and easy online form by clicking the button below and we may include it on the website and in future print and online communications. Rest assured, we will only share your story if you grant us permission on the form. So get started on sorting through your WRDC memories and share them with us today!
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