Writing Fellows Program

The Writing Fellows (WF) program is made of up high-achieving students who are nominated to the program by their professors because of their excellent writing skills. The Writing Fellows are assigned to work each semester with courses where there are writing assignments. The students in the course are required to turn in each writing assignment to a Writing Fellow, who reads and critiques the assignment and meets in a one-on-one conference with the student to discuss it. Students can make revisions on their paper before handing in the final assignment to the professor for a grade. The program affords improved writing skills for both the WF and the students. Many WFs have used this experience to seek graduate degrees and further excel in professional careers where written communication is important. Professors benefit from this program because they receive much-improved writing assignments where they can focus on grading the content.

What Students Say About Writing Fellows

"My Writing Fellow helped me develop a stronger argument for my paper and pushed me to think outside of the box. She was also very helpful with fixing awkward sentences and improving my paper structure."

" My Writing Fellow assisted me in understanding what I was trying to say and then helped me to feel more confident in completing the assignment."

"My Writing Fellow helped me immensely in structuring my papers in a way that made sense as well as assisted me in expanding the length of my papers without adding fluff."

"My Writing Fellow did a very good job of letting me know what did and did not work about my paper and where I needed to change things. She helped me develop a strong, clear thesis that gave my ideas a clear direction."

Students who benefitted from working with a Writing Fellow