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Youth Conservatory Calendar


September 4 M No classes or lessons – Labor Day (make-up lesson: November 20)
September 5-8 T-F First week of classes and lessons (except Monday students)
October 3 T YC Recital, 7:00pm, FAC 214
October 14 Sat Homecoming Parade, 10-Noon
October 20 F No classes or lessons – USU Fall Break
October 24 T Halloween Recitals and Festivities, 5-8pm
October 31 T No classes or lessons – Happy Halloween! (Make-Up lesson: November 21 or December 5)
November 9 Th YC Recital, 6:00pm, FAC 214
November 20-21 M-T Make-up lessons for Labor Day and Halloween
November 22-24 W-F No classes or lessons – USU Thanksgiving Break
November 28 T YC Performance Hall Christmas Concert Auditions, 3:30-6pm
November 30 Th Christmas Recitals, 5-8pm, FAC 214
Nov 27-Dec 1 M-F Last week of YC classes and lessons fall semester
December 4-8 M-F Make-up week (if needed)
December 5 T Christmas Concert, 7:00pm, Russell/Wanlass Performance Hall



January 15 

M No classes or lessons - Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Make up scheduled on Monday, April 2)

January 16-19

T-F First week of classes and lessons except Monday due to holiday

January 22

M First day of classes and lessons for Monday students

February 13-15

T-Th No classes or lessons - Monster Concert Rehearsals 

February 13, 15

T, Th Times TBD, Monster Concert First Rehearsals, Room 216 and 218

February 21

W Wassermann Festival Recital with Daniel Hsu, 7:30pm, Russell/Wanlass Performance Hall

February 23

F Monster Concert Second Rehearsal, Times TBD, Daines Hall

February 24

Sat Monster Concert Final Rehearsal, 10am-noon, Daines Hall

February 24

Sat Monster Concert, 6pm, Daines Hall

March 5-9

M-F No classes or lessons, USU Spring Break

March 13

T YC Recital, 7pm, FAC 214

March 17

Sat Wassermann Festival Recital with Yekwon Sunwoo, 7:30pm, Russell/Wanlass Performance Hall

March 27

T YC Recital, 7pm, FAC 214

April 3-6

T-F No classes or lessons, Cache County Spring Break

April 10

T YC Recital, 7pm,  FAC 214

April 14

Sat USU Piano Festival

April 17

T Wassermann Festival Presents Brad Mehldau Trio, 7:30pm, Russell/Wanlass Performance Hall

April 19

Th YC Recital, 6pm, FAC 214

April 23-27

M-F Last week of YC classes and lessons Spring semester

April 24

T YC Graduation, 6pm, Russell/Wanlass Performance Hall

Dates are subject to change.  YC Recitals are held when 6 or more students are available to perform.
Teachers must submit recital application forms at least 2 days in advance of each recital.