Katrinn Lisonbee

Level 3 & 4 Group Class Assistant

Katrinn Lisonbee

Contact Information

Email: A02216740@usu.edu


Teaching piano means teaching power. It is empowering to work hard and develop a new skill. Empowering to create something beautiful. And empowering to conquer fears and perform well in front of peers. When I teach piano I hold myself and my students to high standards of excellence. Because making beautiful music is really fun! I also have had wonderful experiences with previous teachers who I could tell really cared about me and my personal struggles and I want to bring that same care to all my students. I teach using simple terms and building on each principle in ways that are easy to understand! The best parts of lessons for me is when I can tell that the student 'gets it" it clicks in their mind and they are excited about their new knowledge! I have been a piano student for most of my life and have loved each opportunity to play for people whether it be accompanying singers, or at competitions. I've taught for about 6 months and am excited to continue to grow as a teacher.